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NLP  EFT                                 Helena Berounska (Grygarova)

About me 

I am 49 years old, have two children, and was born in Prague in The Czech Republic. I was living in England for ten years, and I moved back to Prague in 2015. I originally trained as a general nurse, but then went on to study religion, pedagogy and social studies, graduating with an MA at Charles University in Prague.

For some time I worked as a nurse, gaining experience in hospice care and mental health.

After that I was a teacher at a nursing school, teaching ethics in health care, communication with patients and psycho-social education. During that time I started deepening my education in psychotherapy, and I continued with my studies in England. 


Through my work I’ve realised that the way people feel about different situations is based not only on their circumstances, but also on their personal approach, the support they have from their environment, and their inner resources. If people can connect with their inner resources, support themselves and see more choices, they are generally happier and able to deal even with very hard situations successfully.


I believe that no one can know what’s right for somebody else, but that a skilled therapist can help the person to discover it for themselves and make desired changes. That is what I love about my job.


I´m a member of The Czech Association for Psychotherapy (ČAP) and I follow it´s Code of Ethics.


Education and trainings​:

  • 2023 - 2024 Trauma Therapy, P. Odstrčil, V. Pinďáková

  • 2010 - 2015 training in Gestalt Therapy accredited by EAGT (European Association for Gestalt Therapy) and EAP (European Association for Psychotherapy) 

  • 2012 Master Practitioner in NLP, UK, accredited by ABNLP (American Board of Neuro-linguistic programming)

  • 2012 Master Class in Rapid Interventions, UK

  • 2012 Master Class in Hypnotherapy and Addiction Treatments, UK

  • 2011 Practitioner in NLP, UK, accredited by ABH (American Board of Hypnosis)

  • 2010 Training in Time-Based Techniques, UK

  • 2009 Introduction to Mindfulness Based Approaches, UEA, UK

  • 2008 Training in EFT level 1,2 and 3, UK

  • 2008 Training in EMDR- Eyes Movement Desensitization Reprocessing, UK 

  • 2008 Diploma in Hypnotherapy, Chrisalys, UK, accredited by The National Hypnotherapy Society

  • 2006 Training in Music Therapy, Prague

  • 2003 Training in Relaxation techniques, Body Therapy, Bio Energy, Prague

  • 2002 Training in Art Therapy, Prague



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