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NLP  EFT                                 Helena Berounska (Grygarova)

Gestalt Therapy 

My approach is called Gestalt Therapy. The founder of this type of humanistic type of psychotherapy once said ‘Don’t push the river, it flows by itself’.


Gestalt Therapy sees a human being as a whole, because body, mind and spirit can’t be separated.You may have noticed that when you try to sort something out by just thinking about it, your body becomes tense or tired. The harder you try to think things through, the more difficult it becomes. When you push the river, nothing happens.


Gestalt believes that no change can be achieved through by force, but rather by accepting ourselves as we currently are. To make progress we first need to be aware how we feel, to listen to the messages which our body, emotions and mind are sending us. It is thanks to that awareness that we can then see the other choices we could make, and resolve any issues which bother us.


As a gestalt therapist I would help you to explore your feelings, emotions and thoughts in the here and now. This means that if we talk about things that happened in the past, we are primarily interested in how you perceive them in the present, and how they are affecting your life now. This helps you became more aware of how your life really is at this particular moment in time, giving you a greater ability to make choices, changes and decisions in your life.


People often ask why talking to a therapist is better than talking to a good friend. The answer is that you can have a very good, supportive relationship with your therapist, safe in the knowledge that they are not a part of your everyday life. This means that you can be yourself - you can experiment with expressing your true thoughts and feelings, knowing that it all stays in the room. Also, a therapist is trained to support and guide you through difficult areas and to deal with challenging emotions and situations, allowing you to express things which you wouldn't with a friend.

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