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NLP  EFT                                 Helena Berounska (Grygarova)



In short, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) teaches us how to use our brain to be more in charge of our thoughts and feelings, and how to communicate our needs better. NLP usually involves simple techniques which work with language and imagination. For some issues they can be very effective, for instance, for helping with losing weight or changing eating habits, stopping smoking, treating phobias and anxiety, building confidence.




Emotional freedom technique (EFT) is sometimes called psychological acupressure. You tap on meridians point based mostly on your face and hands whilst you are talking about your problems. This helps to release blockades within your energy system, and you can learn it as a self help tool. This technique can be used, for instance, for treating phobias, obsessions, depressions and anxiety, low self esteem, healing trauma or post traumatic disorder.


Time based techniques


Time based techniques are used to release negative emotions and limiting beliefs from the past. These are often unconsciousness, but we make our current decisions and perceive our reality based upon them. Fortunately the mind has an ability to go back into the past, and also forwards into the future. We can free ourselves from past negative experiences and memories, and discover more options for our future. Put simply, you work with your imagination and unconscious mind, going backwards and forwards through your life. While doing this you always keep a safe emotional distance from the events you are focussing on.

People sometimes feel worried to try something they don't know. This is a very natural reaction. I always explain each technique so a client is the one who decides if it is the right thing for him/her. I offer only techniques which are safe and can be beneficial for the individual person.

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